Student Recruitment, Kishwaukee College

Marketing Rebrand

Updated KC viewbook cover.

At Kishwaukee College, I worked for the office of Admissions, Registration, and Records (ARR) as the College’s first Coordinator of Recruitment and Orientation. My responsibilities in this role varied from working directly with prospective and new students to working on recruitment and marketing materials in conjunction with the Marketing Department.

Given my unique perspective as both a campus administrator and recruiter, I was able to provide Marketing with additional information about what was on students’ minds as they considered attending the institution. In working with Marketing, I advised on numerous redesign projects, including updating the look and feel of the viewbook for prospective students–a design that was later translated to the catalog and other materials. The new viewbook and catalog designs were transitioned from being traditional, text-heavy, and populated with generic stock photos to pieces that were vibrant, visual, and designed to showcase actual students on campus engaging in the College’s many opportunities and activities.

Enrollment Management: Recruitment Strategies

My New Student Connections coworker and myself with two of our Student Ambassadors. During my time at Kishwaukee College, I started the Student Ambassador program, which empowered students to connect with prospective students through campus tours, open house events, College Night, and other opportunities.

In this role, I co-chaired a Marketing and Recruitment committee with the Director of Marketing & Public Relations. The Vice President for Student Services charged our group to develop recruitment strategies to present to the Enrollment Management Committee. For this project, the Director of ARR and I worked with groups across campus to develop both recruitment recommendations and measurements of success for both Admissions and Orientation, as demonstrated in the two Departmental Key Indicators documents.

Promotional Video

A close partner of Kishwaukee College was the Kishwaukee Education Consortium, a facility that pooled the resources of five local high schools to offer career and technical education opportunities, including: culinary, child development, nursing, and automotive repair, to name a few. In this project, my Student Ambassador served as emcee for a zero-budget promotional video created in conjunction with the KEC mass communications program. For this project, I wrote the script, recorded all video portions, and worked with KEC staff to edit the final piece.

Registration Theme: Get Social Door Signs

Facebook ClipEach year, ARR hosted a registration promotion to alert students that it was registration time and to encourage them to stop by each of the student services offices to meet staff, connect with resources, and ensure they were prepared for a successful start to the following semester. The promotion was always themed, and I was often in charge of creating the theme based on conversations I’d had with students about whatever was current (other themes included Angry Birds and zombies). For 2013, the theme was Facebook and was about making connections.

The PDFs attached here were door signs that hung on the door of each office to alert students that the office was participating in the promotion. For this project, I collaborated with members of each office to determine what key messages they wanted to share, and worked to include fun facts or other tidbits that would give the office a bit of whimsy and make students more comfortable. Students also had a “passport” that they could use to visit each office, complete tasks, and be entered to win a drawing at the Bookstore.