First-Year Seminar Course Website

In fall 2015, I taught a first-year seminar course for incoming freshmen at UW-Madison. The course, CP 125: A Wisconsin Experience Seminar, covered a breadth of topics ranging from leadership to research to identity and social justice. For this course, I developed a website that served as the course syllabus, a central place for announcements, and a discussion board.

This website was the primary way I engaged students between in-person meetings. Assignments included posting passport assignments (designed to have students attend events and engage with the campus community) and engaging via Twitter using the #wiexp hashtag for our section, as well as more traditional assignments that the students handed in to my Undergraduate Teaching Fellow (peer instructor) and me.

My CP125 class and I on Bascom Hill during a beginning-of-the-semester getting-to-know-you activity. See the course website here:

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