I am a multipotentialite.

A term first coined by Emilie Wapnick, multipotentialites are people who “have many interests and creative pursuits.” I am energized by learning. When my team is working out a complex problem, I am often able to bridge silos by helping to clarify thoughts, identify distracting information, or connect seemingly disparate ideas. My journalism background has taught me the value of design, the power of descriptive storytelling, and the clarity of visual aids like photos, charts, and infographics.

I’ve had professional experiences ranging from journalism to project management to supervision; my LinkedIn profile is a great place to go for more detail about those experiences.  Each place I have worked has helped me refine my philosophy of work and better understand what I bring to a workplace.

My Philosophy of Work

I seek meaning in my work—whether that is mentoring staff, helping my team tell its story, or working toward a common goal. I want to be part of a team that is strategically striving to improve and that values people over profit. I believe students and staff (including myself) are always growing, and I want to see them be successful; therefore, I enjoy finding ways to help them better articulate their stories, expand their skills, and utilize their strengths. I also work hard to offer my students and staff members support and to help remove barriers that may stand in the way of their success.

I believe that there is power in partnerships, that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that success is often dependent on gathering ideas from different fields and diverse teams.

I value the human side of work; I understand that people are much more than their professional roles. In groups, I have a keen ability to sense what is not being said; I understand that the best leaders attend to both people and process.

I have witnessed the importance of communication in everything I do. Whether facilitating a successful meeting with partner offices, remaining conscious of intersectional identities represented (or not represented) in a space, or creating tangible  printed publications, I see communication as both process and product.

The work represented in this portfolio is a mix of final products and in-process drafts that reflect a given problem, audience, context, and point in time. Most represent the work of many conversations about needs, project scopes, and opportunities, and their varied scopes and content are just a taste of the collaborations I have been a part of as a multipotentialite.


“The things you’re passionate about are not random. They are your calling.”

–Fabienne Frederickson